Testimonials & Background


“I’d been a Builder all my life and did this Presentation Skills training only because I was moving into Management after an accident. Linda helped me see that I already had many skills to transfer to public speaking - an area of work I’d dreaded, thinking it would be totally alien to me. I actually enjoyed the training and had a lot of fun.”
Phil Bridges, student, Tai Poutini Polytechnic (2008)

"Linda Bremford forged very positive working relationships with all her learners in this pilot Literacy programme between HLC, TEC and DOL. Researched results from this project demonstrated her competence: learners all made significant and measurable progress."
Malcolm Russell, CEO, HLC (2009)

“Student evaluations constantly attest to the fact that Linda is an excellent teacher and a highly effective communicator. She is a caring teacher, responsive to student needs, reliable, approachable and flexible."
Terry Swanson, Director Academic Programmes and Services, New Zealand International Campus, Wellington (2008)

“ At all levels, Linda’s work has been of a very high standard, resulting in positive feedback from all surveyed students.”
Professor Judy McGregor, Head of Department of Communication and Journalism, Massey University (2001)

“ I have very much pleasure in recommending Linda. She is highly competent with a great deal of initiative, has a very good temperament and a tolerant sense of humour essential for working in the Parliamentary Research Unit.”
Jonathan Hunt, Leader of the House of Representatives, Parliamentary Services (1990)

BACKGROUND: Linda Bremford

Linda has worked in almost every area of the Communications industry. Her years as as a copywriter in Radio New Zealand and a publicity journalist in Volunteer Service Abroad were followed by a prolonged period in Parliament, working as a researcher and speech writer during the 1990`s. This gave her ample opportunity to watch and learn from a wide range of public speakers in action. Leaving Parliament, she set up as a trainer for organisations where communication is vital, writing training courses for Telecom, Ericssons, the Bank of New Zealand and various government departments. It was during a period in England that she studied Presentation Skills at the Institute of Personnel Development, London, before returning to New Zealand to complete her Master of Communications at Victoria University. This coincided with teaching positions in a number of New Zealand Universities and Polytechnics before she returned to her preferred area of practical training.

Into the training mix, Linda now adds her skills as a professional storyteller (she has published a book on storytelling) and her experience as a performance clown.
The addition of these qualities makes The Training Place Presentation Skills Courses unique in Wellington, ensuring training is not only effective but highly enjoyable.

Linda's relevant qualifications are provided below.

Key Tertiary Qualifications

Adult Literacy Educator (Vocational Lecturer or Workplace Trainer) WELTEC

Master of Communications, Victoria University of Wellington

Presentation Skills Certification: Institute of Personnel Development, London, U.K

Certificate in Adult Teaching: Wellington Polytechnic