Shadow the Storyteller

"Storytelling is as old as the hills and as new as the sunrise…"

Hear tales of rascals and dreamers, characters who survive on their wits, myth and mystery, ordeal, adventure, original stories and traditional tales from the fabulous world of legend...

Shadow the Storyteller weaves tales of mystery and magic for adults and children alike. Storytelling sessions are individually designed for adults and/or children and can be customised for special events such as birthdays or celebrations.

Sessions are ideal for fundraising, community groups and family events.

"Shadow the Storyteller engaged and involved our 45 children (aged 5-9 years) with stories that held them enthralled. Supporting the storytelling was dancer Sally Scarlett, who had all the kids (and helpers) up on their feet!" Penny Jones
Branch Manager, Youthtown: Upper Hutt

"This was my first experience at a Storytelling session for adults and I was amazed at how quickly I became absorbed in the Legends." Paul, Reiki practitioner, Otaki

"Our birthday party of pyjama clad girls was captivated by Shadow's brilliant stories, trying the drums, and enjoying all the props she'd brought." Emma Tucker, Ngaio

"My performance art is Mime; it's very physical but silent - so to let the Storyteller's words wash over me was relaxing and wonderful." Suzanne, Wellington actor

About Shadow

Shadow has written and published a book on Storytelling; is a member of the NZ Storytellers’ Guild, NZ Home Storytellers and the Wellington Storytellers’ Café. She trained with Louise Coigley in the U.K. on Storymaking for children with Autism, and also performs as a clown and trainer.

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